October 20, 2012

New Tool In Google Webmaster "Disavow Links"

Hi Frnds,

This will very unusual post on this blog because this blog is related with cricket stuff but I have got this information so I thought it may be beneficial for you.
If you are facing any kind of message related with unnatural links on your Google webmaster ACCOUNT. Follow the new feature from cover up sand box or punished by Google.

you can remove non-profitable links from your website you need to login Google webmaster tools first then go to the Disavow links page submitte your website here and then you need to upload a list of un-natural links or low quality link that you want to ignored by Google for your website. Before doing this process make sure that the links you are requested to be ignored from Google are really low quality.

Benefit of this tool is that that you are able to work freshly on your website and Google will treat your website like a "website with fresh links" but you need to make patience for it.
That's it hope you will get something fresh from here!!

enjoy cricket!! enjoy Web surfing!!
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