December 12, 2011

India Tour of Australia 2011-12

After a blasting wins on West Indies India is going tour to Australia starting from 26 Dec 2011 have 4 test matches and 2 t20 matches. Ready to blast again in Australia. Sehwag had a superb play in last ODI with 219 runs. And become single cricketers who make the history. Now there are two Indian cricketers who made 200 runs in ODI.

Australian team also very strong in these days and it’s not easy to snatch win by them very easily in his home grounds so MS should concentrate on upcoming series’ with Australia and give 100%. Need to do hard work with his team tigers.

This time Australia introducing some new faces in his team and they new for Indians so need to take extra precaution for it and try to understands a strategy of Australians otherwise they may face trouble with new faces in Australia. And change their strategy according to the situation and weather in Australia which is always a big issue for Indian teams.

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December 9, 2011

Vinod Kambli is in Trouble

The latest news is coming from the Indian cricket world is about Vinod kambli who is saying that the World cup of 1986 which is played between and Sri Lanka was fixed or planed. In recent updates Vinod Kambli is open one door of suspense and try figuring out is there any truthiness in it or not. He was cried in the semi-final of Cricket world cup 1986. And after 15 years Vinod kambli saying that the match is Fixed or pre-planned. Every big and star cricketer are shocked they give their opinion on the issue but media is waiting for the statement which may be given by the god of cricket who was played in the Cricket world cup master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who is still Silence . But Vinod Kambli may forced him to say something on the this big issue.

Caption at that time Mohd. Azharuddin is totally disagree with Vinod Kambli. Mr. Suresh wadekar who is the coach of Indian cricket team at that time is also disagreeing with vinod kambli somewhere. But the matter is too hot and involvetion of media is working like petrol in fire. They force for the inquiry and now BCCI also try to find out the logic behind it. People who are joined somewhere Cricket World cup 1986 every one are shocked after this statement of Vinod Kambli.

There are many roomers in the media no one know anything on this issue but let see people are now taking interest on the issue Because this is now becomes a international. Media and star cricketers want to know the fact behind it.

Let see what people will get after the discussion between the Cricket Board BCCI and Vinod Kambli who make bring up this issue after 15 year.

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