May 18, 2013

What the Hell they Are Doing in IPL 2013

As we all know about the fixing that was limited mostly in one day now IPL 2013 has come under the same umbrella and this time few Indian players got caught by the ICC bored due to  spot fixing in IPL 2013. This fixing had been done by the S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankit Chavan. They are the culprit for this. There are many players who are involved in this money game under the shadow of IPL. Probably many matches of IPL 2011 also fixed.!! Can't say no. Experts are saying that this fixing circle is operated by the master players who operate this fixing threat from out of India specially from Dubai and Karachi. Police arrested many big-small bookies who always in touch with the players and try to get them in under the umbrella of fixing.

The question is that…. You can also share your views here. That they have a big startdum, ex poser in big industry, they got lots of money from their owners, they earn from the TV ads If they ask for money to anyone if they really needed anyone can give them, they can ask to their owner for more salary.. Then why THE FIXING is the only way to get some extra money.

People who really need money they work hard and perform better so they can keep growing and can earn more money as well. Just for money they are selling their dignity, their nation and their self respect. It means they can do anything for money one day they come and say we are playing for the other team. 
That should not happen again and if some arrested in these types of activity he should be banned for a lifetime they have to realize that why this is the biggest crime in cricket.

We all are watching matches with full excitement, few of us leave their office work just because of  the cricket match, we gathered from watching matches and enjoy the moments, We desperately wait for the results. Who will win, who will win..?
But just next day we come to know that the match was fixed.... WOW!!..
So ICC should make strict rules and regulation for match FIXING.